Communism Is Right For China

Americans are afraid of communism because is goes against everything we stand for. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been taught that America is Freedom. Without freedom, life is not worth l living. It’s given to us at birth. It’s part of our culture and inseparable from history. Bear with me as the details are becoming fuzzy. High school American history class seems further and further away, but considering I’m in the same boat with most Americans on this one, this is how I remember it.

The king of England was a despotic and tyrannical ruler and tried to impose new religion upon his people, some of which refused to accept this new blasphemous way of life. So they decided to move to a new land, where they would not be persecuted – America. They got to America but the kind was still trying to exercise his rule over this new colony with tea, and taxes, etc. This continued for a while until we had enough. We fought the good fight and through perseverance and with the name of Good on our side, we won. We created a new country that would not repeat the same mistakes of the past. No one ruler was fit to make decisions for everyone; therefore this power would be put into the hands of the people. Everyone would be free unless that freedom imposed upon the freedom of others.

This idea of freedom and the American way stayed with us for three hundred years. Our forefathers were people who fought “the man” and won. They were rebels who took down the system for the good everyone and despite all the nay-sayers, created a newer, better way of life.

It’s not the same in China.

China has 5000 years of a single, infallible man with a God-given right ruling everyone. From the time of tribal society, to feudalism, emperors, into the communism of Mao Zi dong and now “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, their society has always been ruled in this way. Anyone who rebelled was quickly silenced. Equally, on a much smaller scale, family values, based very heavily on Confucianism, says that sons must listen to fathers, younger brothers to older brothers, women to men, workers to bosses, as well as many other ‘natural’ roles of society which one must abide to. These are the pillars of society and the way things are meant to be. Without this structure, we’re all destined to be climbing in the trees. If you break these rules, you’re a rogue, a menace to society, an outcast.

Furthermore, China is just so big; you can’t possibly listen to everyone. I’m an English teacher in China so I sympathize. The difference between a class of 8 and 20 is immense. The way you teach, reward, and punish is completely different. Sure it’s great for everyone to contribute with a class of eight. When I’ve got an hour to teach the past participle to a class of twenty middle school students? The girl in the back on her mobile phone – forget her. The guy trying to make a joke about my big nose – get out. In the same fashion, China’s government must be different to that of America’s. The history, culture, and size requires it. Sure there are problems with their system, but is American democracy flawless? I say rake the leave on your own front yard before you stark raking someone else’s. China knows best how to deal with Chinese problems.